6 Traditional Heart Tattoo Ideas

The heart symbol mostly associated with love and passion. It can also symbol of our spirituality. Different than other heart tattoos, black heart tattoo generally represent death and grief. Here is our creative old school heart tattoo list: 


Love and death in a bold tableau – a praying sugar-skull girl framed by guns and skulls. Tattoo by Leo of Naked Trust, Salzburg, Austria.


‘Life won’t wait’ is the motto around this heart pierced by a sword and thorns. Back tattoo by Steve Byrne of Rock of Ages Tattoo, Austin, Texas; knuckleduster on neck by Billy Hay of Custom Inc, Glasgow, UK.


A winged heart, bleeding and decorated with traditional motifs, by Cal Fletcher of Flecky’s Tattoo Studio, Wigan, UK.


A bright, colourful back piece with bluebirds, hearts, flowers and lucky dice – tokens of romantic love. Tattoo by Adam Harris of New Tribe, Brixham, Devon, UK.


The heart is a popular chest tattoo. This anatomically detailed version, with its soaring wings, makes a very strong statement. Tattoo by Tanya Buxton of Monki Do, Belper, UK


A pretty bird surrounded with symbols for a lucky love life. Tattoo by Jo Harrison of Modern Body Art, Birmingham, UK.

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